Coming up with a temporary solution for dripping HVAC vents

I had a pretty tough choice to make temporarily.

My central heating and A/C machine was experiencing problems with condensation dripping from the air vents.

Let me tell you that I don’t like that! It was causing potential mold on my carpets, and until I could get a heating and A/C machine professional out to my residence to fix this concern I had to figure out something. I did not want to completely shut off my central heating and cooling machine because it is still summertime and I need my A/C machine. If I close the air vents that are dripping, I can stop the water from going on the carpet and just use a portable A/C machine to help keep the room cool. But the drawback to this is hearing a crazy whistling noise when I close my air vents and have the central heating and A.C machine running. I’m glad that the room having the condensation problems is the living room, so the whistling of the air vents would not keep me up during the evening while attempting to sleep. I did it for a few days and then made the choice that a better way to go would be to just turn off the central heating and A/C machine and then go out and get a few more portable air conditioner machines to cool my residence that way until a certified heating and A/C machine specialist could get out to my residence. I was not going to pay for emergency Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C repair because I could get by for a bit of time without doing that.
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