I was given bad A/C advice

I knew I shouldn’t have listened to my friend.

My friend Chris, while he is a great guy, he seems to be a bit of a know it all, or at least he thinks he is a know it all.

About a month ago, I took his advice on my HVAC machine, and I really regret that I did. I was telling him about all of the heating and cooling troubles I was currently experiencing, and he told me that I should stop worrying and that my HVAC unit wouldn’t fail. I didn’t believe him, but he kept reassuring me that all of the HVAC companies are just out to get your money, and they tell you to get HVAC maintenance so they can get your money. I was still skeptical, so he drove me over his place and showed me his ancient HVAC unit. He then proceeded to brag about how he had this same HVAC machine for 6 years, and has yet to have an issue. I asked him about the popping noises and how my air conditioner would commonly shut off during the day, and he completely brushed that off as normal behaviour for a HVAC device. He even told me that his A/C and furnace make noises like that all of the time, and he has never had a problem. I really shouldn’t have listened to him, but as I looked at him A/C, it still looked like it was working well, and his house felt good, so I decided to listen to him. A month later and I now I am in my current situation, where my current cooling unit is broken and I am without air conditioning with a hefty bill on the way. I wish I never listened to him. Ironically, his HVAC failed a month later as well.



HVAC worker