Air travel and bad air quality

I love going to new places and experiencing new landscapes, sites and culture, however I don’t care for the actual traveling.

I live an hour away from the airport and it’s advocated to arrive an hour prior to the flight time.

Our local airport is rather small and rarely flies direct. This results in at least two flights with a layover in-between to get anything. It makes for a long day! By the time I arrive anywhere, I am officially suffering from a headache, dehydration and exhaustion. I often end up with a stuffy nose, sore throat and clogged ears. I blame the unpleasant temperature swings and bad indoor air conditions. The airport terminals are officially overheated. I peel off my jacket and try to find a seat that isn’t directly getting hit by the heating vents. I don’t dare drink too much water because I don’t care for using the bathroom on the plane. Once all of us finally get located on the plane, I nearly freeze to death. I make sure to turn off that little air vent over my head, but it does little good. The airplane has some type of ventilation system that circulates the air. It’s supposed to keep the air fresh and clean. Instead, the airplane is horribly chilly and filled with odd smells! People are constantly bringing smelly food onboard with them, and someone constantly seems to be coughing or sneezing. I wrap up in my jacket and shiver the whole time. We then land at the next airport and the process starts all over again. It’s constantly a relief to arrive at my destination. Once I check into my hotel, I instantly adjust the control device to my like and gulp about a gallon of water.
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