Falling rocks

Living right behind a quarry can be a real pain in the rear end for several reasons, however one reason is the fact that it can get loud from traffic on the highway at times, the other reason is because you have little pebbles and rocks that sometimes blow over into your backyard when there is a lot of wind.

The falling rocks and little pebbles that came from the quarry once cost me to have our central heating and repaired.

The central heating and I have was resting right around the area where the falling rocks and pebbles can blow into our yard, then and during this time it ended up getting into the fan of our central heating and and blocked things, however it nearly broke the fan blades too! I had to call the local heating and air conditioner contractor to send out their unquestionably best and most certified heat and a/c specialist to repair our central heating and unit! After this incident happened I ended up having a tarp and a gate put around our central heating and so something enjoy this would not even be possible to happen again, then ever since I have to say I have been pretty well protected from the falling rocks and pebbles from the quarry; But person oh person let me tell you, living where I do is not an easy thing. I hope to someday be able to just sell this locale and transport away as far as I can from any kind of quarry!
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