I don’t have a gym anymore

My boyfriend and I recently moved an hour down south.

  • On one hand it has been very exciting.

Our house is double the size of what we used to live in. We have two bathrooms, tons of property and are right near my parents. The downside is that my boyfriend and I moved to the country and out of the city. In the city there was anything I could possibly need. I could have groceries delivered the next day to me. I could run to the bank, post office and shopping mall in under ten minutes. I also had a core progression near me. Four days a week I took a group personal training class with a fitness expert. I loved having that steady routine and I kept in good shape. In the country there really isn’t anything. There are three restaurants and they are all awful. The nearest gas station is about ten minutes away. I have to physically go to the store if I want to have eggs. The worst is no gym anywhere nearby. I could drive thirty minutes and use the local gym that has hardly any equipment. I mainly have been sticking close to home though. I have plenty of property. I have been thinking about building a gym for myself. I could get a shed, insulate it and get HVAC installed. I then need folding mats, weights, fitness equipment and a sound system. It will be expensive, but I think it will be nice in the end to have somewhere to work out.
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