I miss these times

The other day I was remembering years gone by of growing up.

I remember going to the discount store in the Summer time back in the day and was thinking about something.

They no longer have in store announcements about what deals they have! I really miss that, but you’d hear relaxing songs and then every so often you’d have a glad DJ genre announcer come on and talk about what’s on sale. The a single thing I remember clearly is every time they had window air conditioning systems on sale they would be splitting into the songs every 5 minutes to try to get people to rush over to the heating as well as A/C system products aisle. In those days, you had window air conditioning systems all over the place as that was the respected way of cooling an average person’s home. So numerous stores were stocked with them and everywhere was trying to compete to have the best prices on these window air conditioning system units in the Summer weeks of the year. I know it sounds really dated this week. But looking back you can’t beat that nice outdated nostalgic feeling of the cooling from a window air conditioning system plan unit, and the stores announcing over the speaker that the window air conditioning system plan units were on sale. Those honestly were the nice outdated days of old! We will never have them back with the way technology and everything is now sadly. I believe for the youth of this month that will have no system what I am talking about with these stores and window air conditioning system units.

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