I started out doing yoga

I started doing yoga as a relaxation tactic in order to sleep.

I read online that physical activity and calming your mind can help you rest easier.

I figured yoga would do both for me. Now that I have started doing yoga videos each day for a workout, I have found that I am hooked. I don’t want to do the yoga videos where you stretch, breathe and find inner peace anymore. I now have been doing way more hardcore of yoga. I like to hold difficult poses, use hand weights and actually get a sweat in. I have exhausted all online yoga tutorials though. I have been looking at a gym called core progression that offers yoga classes. The classes range from beginner to advanced. I am not sure where I fall in the spectrum but I think I will start off slow. I have seen some videos of core progression classes and they look intense. Every course is run by a certified personal trainer. The fitness expert has the class use weights and all sorts of equipment. The core progression gym offers more than yoga too. I have found spin classes, physical training courses and body wellness classes. I am kind of excited to see what ends up being a good fit for me. No matter what though, I have noticed I am sleeping way better at night. The more physical activity I do, the better I sleep. It seems I just needed a good sweat to relax my body and stop my mind from churning.


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