It is because he is out of shape

My boyfriend and I recently bought a house that we are hoping to fix up before moving in.

It is shocking how different fixing up the house is treating us.

My boyfriend has trouble working a full day. He typically takes breaks to drink a beer, sit down and talk about the job. After work he complains of sore knees, hips and back. The next day he isn’t able to work on the house because of his injuries. With me, I can work a full day no problem. I don’t even think about stopping due to injury. I drink water, snack and keep going without a hitch. I can work two full days and the only soreness I feel is in my feet from standing so long. I think the difference is because I work out and he doesn’t. Everyday I do some form of physical activity. I either am doing my group fitness class at the local core progression, going for a run or riding my bike. No matter the work out, I take the time to properly warm up and stretch before and afterwards. My boyfriend is stationary at work and for all his hobbies. While I am toned and fit, he is soft around the tummy. He hasn’t gone for a jog in years and I don’t think I have ever seen him stretch. It is amazing that we are the same age and yet our health is so vastly different. I wish he would work out with me and be in good shape. We could get way more done on the house.


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