Shipping delays from the HVAC appliances

I wonder if the air purifier will show up before the threat of the virus has finished its cycle

My corporation has been experiencing a rather long wait for Heating and A/C appliance products like oil furnaces, air conditioners, and thermostats. The actual problem is due to Heating and A/C products being held up at the shipping distributor. All kinds of employees at the shipping distributor have come down with the coronavirus and they are currently running a single shift instead of three. It essentially means everything is backed up and production will be slower for a long period of time. The wait for products such as heat pumps, AC appliances, and air purifiers are twice as long as they typically are! My family and I have been waiting a week for our new air conditioner appliance. The people I was with and I ordered the new cooling appliance roughly a week ago, right before the coronavirus outbreak! All of the items en route to delivery were sent back to the distributor for cleaning. I’m thankful we decided to order the new cooling appliance now instead of waiting until the seasoned equipment was done. The people I was with and I still have a/c in our dwelling, so the unusually long wait time is not a tremendous deal. My neighbor uses the same Heating and A/C corporation. She has been waiting approximately three weeks for an air purifier to show up. They ordered the air purification appliance soon after the beginning of quarantine. I wonder if the air purifier will show up before the threat of the virus has finished its cycle. The people I was with and I cannot complain about much, because there are tons of workers putting their life on the line to keep the country running. These brave souls should be receiving a massive wage increase for their hard work and full dedication. They are just as pressing as the doctors, teachers, and healthcare professionals on the front line.

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