Temporary chiller saves us thousands of dollars

My company manufactures products that require a cold temperature. We have chillers to help keep the space cold and we use several large walk in freezers and refrigerators to store our products. We cut, wrap, and package a number of vegetables and fruits for grocery stores and supercenters. In order to keep everything fresh, we use an industrial chiller. Sometimes there are problems with the industrial chiller and we have a maintenance person on staff and in the building every day of the week. There is someone to help with chiller problems on the second and third shift as well. Last week, the supervisor on the late night shift called because the chiller could not be repaired. We were going to shut down production the next day while we had the chiller repaired. The foreman called a company that rents temporary chillers and they brought us a temporary chiller for the day. The guy called at nine and they brought us a 50 ton chiller before lunchtime. We saved thousands of dollars, because we didn’t have to shut down production for the day. The temporary chiller provided plenty of cold air and temperature control. The day after everything was fixed, I called the foreman into the office for a discussion. The guy handled the problem with ease and calmness and he saved our company a lot of money with the chiller rental suggestion. I thought it was time to discuss a raise. I wanted to promote the guy and put him on the first shift, but he didn’t want more responsibility or daytime hours.