You just need to stretch

Never underestimate the power of stretching.

A lot of people face daily aches and pains due to their limited movement.

Did you know we are the only animal that doesn’t stretch immediately upon waking up? I make it a point to stretch. First thing in the morning I do a loose stretch right before work. After work I then do a proper work out. I sometimes do a group fitness class at the body wellness center or do a biking work out on my own. Either way, I make it a point to warm up and stretch before any physical activity. If I am getting in a car for a long ride or on an airplane, I stretch my leg, back and neck muscles. Anytime I do work on my house, I stretch my arms, shoulders and hips. Due to my stretching, I have never pulled a muscle before. I have never had days where I am out of commission due to being sore. I have never needed a chiropractor, massage or anybody cracking my back. I always feel my body is in great shape and physically fit. I think older folks should especially take the time to stretch. Your body tightens up as you get older. You lose muscle tone too. It certainly doesn’t hurt to improve flexibility and balance. Anyone young I don’t allow to whine about being sore or their body hurting. It is a simple solution to feel good and be efficient in your day to day life. Stretching can be just a simple, five minute thing that saves you a lot of pain all day long.


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