Awnings are Beautiful and Practical

I live in the southeast, and back when I was a kid it was very rare to come across a building that did not have awnings over the doorways and windows.

Back when I was a kid, I didn’t think much about awnings, and truthfully, I didn’t appreciate them like I do now. At some point in time, it became increasingly unfashionable to have awnings on buildings, so builders stopped including them in blueprints and building plans. Owners of little shops and offices also did not replace their awnings when they ripped. Some even went so far as to take them down even though they were not damaged. Just because they weren’t fashionable, they considered them an “eyesore” and paid someone to come and remove them. That was dumb, in my opinion, because awnings are beautiful and practical. They are coming back in fashion, and I think that is because awnings can help dissipate your cooling costs. Anyone who is shopping in a little town knows that just walking under the awning will make you feel happier. Then, the blast of a/c when you open the shop door is like heaven! With today’s emphasis on being more green, awnings are becoming valued once again. A recent study shows that an awning can save you up to thirty percent on your cooling costs. Heating and cooling is a major expense for both business owners and homeowners, so reducing the use of the a/c is no small matter. If you have people opening and closing the door a lot, that increases your a/c costs, as well. Awnings can help with that because the air around the front door is already cooler than other outside air. Your a/c works less to reach the good thermostat setting.
HVAC technician