I learned from the HVAC professionals how to do heating and cooling system tune-ups

Whenever the HVAC professional comes out to our home, I always insist on watching what he is doing and I regularly ask questions.

I appreciate the HVAC professionals that come to my house because they don’t mind when I do this and ask questions. Well, last year I learned so much from the HVAC professional and I honestly felt pretty good about doing the HVAC maintenance on my own. So this year I decided to start with doing my own cooling system tune-up. I made sure to check out all the condenser coils and I cleaned them up very well. I wasn’t able to check the coolant level, but I saw there were no leaks so I wasn’t very concerned about that. I checked all of my ductwork to make sure there were no leaks or energy loss. I made sure all of the connections in my HVAC unit were tight and secure. The last thing I did was do a full calibration of my smart thermostat to make sure everything was working in proper order. I learned all of these things just from paying attention, and because of this, I am saving a good amount of money. It’s not that I don’t like having the HVAC professionals coming out to handle these things, but why pay for something that I know how to do? If I ever experience an issue with my coolant levels or have a leak, I will be giving them a call! I honestly can’t wait to do the heating system tune-up in the fall season!



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