My grandfather didn't know he had a A/C unit

While he was much happier, and am still concerned about him

I worry about my grandfather now that he is getting older. His memory doesn’t seem to be as strong as it used to be, and he is calling me for things he used to be able to do himself. I don’t mind helping him out at all, but it concerns his mental health. As of recently he asked me to come and look at his refrigerator as the ice machine was acting up. While I was there, I noticed how warm his house felt, it felt a bit overheated. Upon asking him about it, he informed me that’s why he was wanting the ice so bad, because it was overheated in his house. Anyways, when I asked him about the HVAC system, he seemed confused as if he didn’t know what I was talking about. This greatly concerned me, because he is a retired HVAC technician, and you can’t exactly forget something you did for over 40 years! I showed him the HVAC machine and it seemed to spark his memory a bit, although he forgot how to use it, so I showed him how to use it again. I turned on the cooling system so his house would start feeling good again. Soon his house was filled with a cooling breeze. While he was much happier, and am still concerned about him. I mean he used to fix A/C and furnaces for a living, so that fact he forgot his incredible concern. I really hope that he was having a weird moment, and that this is not a sign of worse things to come.

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