My parents gave the old summer beach house to me and my family

We have this beach house that we always went to in the warm season for vacation.

It was always a blast spending time at the beach house. It has a nice fireplace and relaxing on the beach was always a wonderful time. We even have an outdoor fireplace as well and we love being out there and building a bonfire from time to time. It was always fun being at the beach house when I was young, but eventually I inherited the beach house. Instead of making the beach house a summer home, I decided to raise my family in this residence. There were some renovations that I took care of which involved ripping up all the flooring and replacing it, upgrading the fireplace, and also upgrading the HVAC system. Because we chose to upgrade the floors, I decided to have radiant heated floors installed that worked with a boiler system. It was perfect since I was upgrading all the floors anyway. The new fireplace was also amazing, it looked so much better than the ancient one that we used to use all the time when I was young. I also had an energy efficient cooling system installed. My kids really love the house and the radiant heated floors are entirely amazing. There’s a certain nostalgia just living at this residence and I’m so glad that my parents passed the residence down to me. Before I inherited this home, I was renting a house with my family in a run down area. Now we are living in a good area and it’s peaceful.