My parents provided the old summer time apartment to me & our family

The two of us have this apartment that the two of us always went to in the boiling season for getaway.

It was always a blast spending time at the beach house.

It has a nice fireplace & good on the beach was always a attractive time. The two of us even have an outdoor fireplace as well & the two of us love being out there & building a bonfire from time to time. It was always fun being at the apartment when I was young, but eventually I inherited the beach house. Instead of making the apartment a summer time home, I decided to raise our family in this residence. There were some renovations that I worked on which involved ripping up all the flooring & replacing it, upgrading the fireplace, & also upgrading the Heating & A/C system… Because the two of us chose to replace the floors, I decided to have radiant radiant floors installed that worked with a boiler system. It was perfect since I was upgrading all the floors anyway. The new fireplace was also amazing, it looked so much better than the outdated 1 that the two of us used to use all the time when I was young. I also had an energy efficient cooling idea installed! My youngsters honestly love the house & the radiant radiant floors are honestly amazing. There’s a certain nostalgia just living at this residence & I’m so blissful that our parents passed the residence down to me. Before I inherited this home, I was renting a house with our family in a run down area; Now the two of us are living in a great part & it’s peaceful.


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