My wifey does not enjoy having a joint account

My wifey doesn’t enjoy having a joint account with me. It’s because I have a bit of a spending problem. When I see both of our paychecks together as well as how much money the people I was with and I have, I can’t help but to splurge a little, however okay, okay, maybe not a little. Anyways, my wifey is seemingly getting more exasperated by the amount of money I am spending each week on things that are not dire. She seems to assume it would be better to save up for a getaway or for an emergency fund. She also mentions wanting to start our kid’s college funds. All of that stuff is important too, despite the fact that I assume a lot of that can wait, besides, I don’t buy stuff that often, usually only once a week. I assume I crossed the line though with my last purchase though, because now my wifey is giving me the silent treatment. Why? Well I will already admit that I spent more than I usually do, despite the fact that I assume it is worth it! Anyways, I had a stranger stop me on the street as well as he was holding a sign that directed to his Heating as well as Air Conditioning store, however he suggested I go as well as take a look in there. I wasn’t originally going to, although he provided a discount for anything I saw, so I had to look. I ended up walking out with a portable A/C as well as a smart temperature control, and my wifey was not happy to say the least. She questioned why the people I was with and I even needed a portable air conditioner when ours labor just fine, as well as well I didn’t truly have an answer for that. I obtained the smart temperature control because it looks cool, as well as she didn’t enjoy that answer either. Oh well, I assume I’ll keep the Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine in my room if she doesn’t want to use it.

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