Saying goodbye to the AC unit until next year

This is a time of year that’s always particularly challenging for me.

For some reason, the onset of winter makes me rather sad and melancholy.

I dive deep into a depressive hole and I don’t want to come out of it. I know that this experience isn’t unique to me, because there are many support groups for seasonal affective disorder in this area. However, I can’t even motivate myself to join the social clubs when I am feeling so down and out. I really hate the thought of continual darkness for about 4 months. I don’t enjoy waking up every morning to ice cold air temperatures or snowy conditions. I’m also not a big fan of relying entirely on my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. When you live in a difficult climate you have to count on your central HVAC system to keep you alive. In the winter, my furnace is essentially my best friend because I contact my thermostat more than my cell phone. I never look forward to putting away my air conditioning unit and having my heating system professionally maintained for continual usage in the foreseeable future. There’s just something about calling out the professional HVAC repair dealership and requesting that routine maintenance appointment that immediately sends me on a spiral. I can’t help but get sad when I see my air conditioning unit being cleaned and covered for the season. The moment when I hear my furnace kick into gear for the first time feels like a real punch in the gut. Maybe someday I’ll move so I don’t endure this temperature depression.



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