Son thought he wanted to run away, until the temp dropped

Little kids are so funny.

  • As they start figuring out how the world works you can see the gears in their head start to change shape! Suddenly, they have a new awareness of something that they had never even considered before, watching these moments of growth take place has been really amazing in my lifetime.

One of the things that has always entertained myself and others the most was my son’s need for independence. Any option he got, he was trying to go out there and prove his worth as a strong little man. However, there are important moments of reading tucked into his drive for independence, however for instance, realizing that the outdoor Winter rapidly decreasing temperatures are formidable opponents in the life of a new human. My son had always been safely tucked inside with our central furnace running 24/7 during the winter. He has never particularly experienced cold. He has never even seen a furnace breakdown in his short existence. That’s why it was particularly funny when he decided he was going to run away in the dead of a subarctic Winter cold snap. The little man was unhappy 1 day and decided to run into the ice cold fresh air with only his knapsack. I wasn’t upset about him cold to death outside, because I knew he would be returning to the comfort of our central furnace within moments. Sure enough, it took about two sevenths before my little guy decided that the Ice cold air was more than he could deal with on his own. I found him knocking on the front door and asking to sit in front of an air vent before he even made it down the driveway.

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