The smell is totally overpowering

Have you ever smelled a wet dog? The smell of a wet dog is one of the most horrific smells in the whole world.

It stays in the carpet for days.

My sister and her kids came to visit last weekend and they brought their dog. I didn’t mind the fact that they brought their favorite pooch, but it rained most of the weekend. The dog had to go outside to use the bathroom. Every time the dog came back in the house, they were soaking wet from the rain. The wet dog odor was totally awful. I was hoping the smell would dissipate after my sister left with the dog, but the smell was in the air for days. I had to go to the HVAC product store to buy an air purifier to get rid of the stench. I told my sister that I was going to charge her for half of the price and she laughed. I was a little serious, but I would never make my sister pay for the machine. The air purifier is very handy and it works well. I find it particularly useful now, when there are wildfires burning about 50 miles away from my home. The air purifier keeps the smell of smoke outdoors. If I wouldn’t have purchased an air purifier when my sister was here with a dog, I would probably buy one now just to help with the smoke, and ashes. Some of my neighbors are having a hard time finding air purifiers in stock and a lot of people are even finding them on backorder online. I’m lucky I already had one in the house.

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