Have you tried the new HVAC company?

I had heard there was a new HVAC company in our local area.

I had been using the old HVAC company for over twenty years now, and the owner was retiring.

I didn’t want to go with anyone else, but if my old HVAC company was going to close, I had to find a new one. I asked around to see if anyone I knew had tried out the new HVAC company? I asked my best friend, who told me she hadn’t had the opportunity to use them. She did, however, tell me that if something happened to her HVAC, she wouldn’t hesitate to use them. I am not someone who likes change. It upset me when I had to buy a new car. My car just quit working. I thought about finding a car just like my old one. I didn’t want to have to learn how to drive an unfamiliar car. I was the same way with needing to use a new HVAC company. I didn’t want to need to learn how they did business. I liked how the old HVAC company did business. I finally called the new HVAC company and asked them to do the service inspection on my furnace. I knew I was going to need to have it done. I worried about who they were going to send over. I hoped it wasn’t a young man because young people make me nervous. I saw an older man get out of the HVAC service van. I was a bit relieved, but it wasn’t until I realized it was the retired owner of my old HVAC company. The new HVAC company was owned by his son.


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