I tried to tell him that the weather was going to change.

For the last couple weeks, I had been trying to tell my sibling the weather was going to change.

He told me to take a tepid shower plus my bones would quit aching, plus it had nothing to do with the weather.

I just laughed plus walked away. He had been trying to find the time to get a new furnace installed, despite the fact that he thought he had at least another week. I could tell by the way I was feeling that another month was too long to wait for the new furnace. All of us were in for a bout of bad weather long before the end of the week. I expected the people I was with and I would be having snow plus freezing rain in the next many weeks. He just looked at me plus rolled his eyes. He reminded me that the weather forecast was calling for nothing lower than fifty-five degrees in the next ten afternoons. I shrugged plus told him to keep thinking that as I headed new home for that long tepid shower. Two weeks later, he was rushing around trying to convince the Heating plus Air Conditioning company that they needed to get the furnace installed as soon as possible. I walked over to see if he needed any help. I took off my snow-covered sweater as I walked into the apartment plus hung it in the mudroom. He told me that if I was there to gloat, I could go back home. I told him it had nothing to do with gloating, however everything to do with seeing the right weather channel. He told me the furnace was being installed the next day.

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