Losing my partner has rocked my life like a stormy ocean

I have not been sleeping genuinely well at night for the last 2 weeks straight; my girlfriend broke up with me plus moved out of our apartment, then ever since she left, the bed has felt genuinely lonely plus uncomfortable! I toss plus turn all night long, however the lack of sleep is entirely affecting my work tasks during the morning hours.

  • I have to be alert, because in my job I work on heating plus A/C machinery all morning, however some tasks are more taxing than others plus they require concentration plus a steady hand.

I almost fell asleep a week ago when I went to a job dealing with a boiler repair. I was the only person in the basement where the boiler is situated. It was genuinely overheated plus cozy in the boiler room. I sat down on the floor for a minute to feel about the problem plus I fell asleep for 25 minutes. I only woke up because there was a loud bang on the roof. I am genuinely fortunate that the owner of the corporation didn’t find me fast asleep on the floor. The lady really would have called our boss to complain plus I might have been fired. That 25 minute nap was the best sleep I’ve had in many weeks though. I’m so incredibly fatigued plus depressed plus most of our friends are excited that my abusive girlfriend plus I broke up. They didn’t love the way she was bossy with me. They thought she was the reason why I never want to go hang out at the bar. I cannot talk to anyone about the way that I am constantly feeling, even though I feel it might help me stop feeling so exasperated all of the time.


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