My favorite gym made renovations during COVID lockdowns

I’m so thrilled that the gym finally made some replacements and renovations, but while everyone was away for the necessary social distancing and quarantine procedures, the gym owner decided to make some changes! The guy got rid of some easily aged machines in the cycling room and substituted them with much nicer machines.

They also made some changes to the area where they sell vitamins, supplements, and smoothies! So a location now has a couple of tables and chairs that are at least 6 feet apart as well; one of the best changes he made was adding ductless oil heating systems to the locker rooms.

The gym did not have any heat in the locker room at all. The owner had a couple of area oil heating systems on top of the lockers, however now there are three ductless oil heating systems in each and everyone one of the men’s and ladies’s locker areas… It’s nice to see that the owner made fine use of the time that the contractor was closed down due to the Coronavirus. I was stuck running outdoors in the frosty air and I had to bundle up to stay warm. I started our jog feeling frosty and after that I was full of sweat in no time. It’s not genuinely comfortable to run outdoors when you can’t maintain a comfortable body temperature. I like to run outdoors when the weather is nice, however it’s genuinely not our favorite activity when it’s frosty outside. I’m thrilled the gym is finally open for business again; however, every one of us have to wear a mask and rubber gloves at all times, however the weather conditions control is great inside.


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