No, you don’t need to cover the A/C in the rain

I have this one uncle who thinks he knows everything about everything. I am sure there is a know-it-all in every family but I doubt they are all as insufferable as my uncle is. However, over the years I have learned to completely ignore him. I just pretend he doesn’t exist or that he isn’t talking to me. It seems to work pretty good. Especially now that I am an adult. My aunt, his wife, thinks I am incredibly rude but I don’t care. Anyway, I was through a large family get-together in my backyard when it started to rain. We all grabbed the food and dashed inside of the house. My uncle said, “shouldn’t you cover your air conditioner?” I ignored him but he kept insisting that I needed to go outside and cover my air conditioner compressor. This is completely not necessary. I don’t even have a cover. If you keep the compressor free of leaves, elevated on the platform it is installed on, and hire HVAC technicians every now and again you are not going to have issues with a little rain. And yet my uncle kept insisting someone go out and cover the air conditioner compressor. Finally I had had enough and I told him to stop. I explained that I never, not once, had an issue with the rain hurting my air conditioner compressor. He kept going on and on though. A week later I found out my uncle had to replace his air conditioner compressor. Why? Because he ran the A/C with a cover on it in the heat. It got fried. Now who’s laughing?

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