Using an extra media air cleaner to guarantee the two of us are breathing quality air at work

The threat of the ongoing pandemic did stop or slow down several human activities, despite the dangers, life has to go on and at work, the two of us had to make many adjustments to be able to cope with the situation! For once, the two of us do not report to toil every day except for Wednesday and Sunday, but and that’s half-day attendance, but the purpose is to have a physical and real-time interaction while observing social distancing, then with the dangers of covid-19 in mind, the corporation has had to rearrange the office to reflect the situation the two of us are dealing with… One major change I noticed when I walked back to the office was the additional media air cleaners the two of us have all over the office, clearly, the internal Heating and A/C serviceman has been difficult at work, and her department was tasked with ensuring the central air conditioner is in perfect condition. The cost of Heating and A/C repair has significantly dropped however the company still pays for the cooling system service system to cater for any technical concerns, the heating and cooling equipment might develop at any point. That also means no new tenders for Heating and A/C products for sale in the near future as long as the current Heating and A/C system is underutilized. The supplier has now enrolled for a course in Heating and A/C technology to learn more about Heating and A/C and how to perform Heating and A/C replacement and better understand seer ratings. She is the only one in her department so that basically makes him an essential employee because without him around to concernshoot our concerns, the two of us would have to rely on an outsourced Heating and A/C corporation to service our quality cooling system.

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