Family run printing business

My great grandfather first started the family printing business. He and my great grandmother immigrated to this country with very few possessions and little money. The business grew steadily because of my great grandfather’s skill. At the time, he did the majority of the work by hand. He steadily invested into bigger and better machines. At one point, one of the best customers was the local movie theater. When a new movie was scheduled to be shown, my great grandfather was hired to print advertising flyers and my grandfather and his brother rode their bicycles all over town, handing them out. The business has certainly grown and progressed since then. We’ve added computers and commercial-sized digital printers. We’ve branched out to include printing on a wide range of materials, including glass, metal and wood. A great deal of our business is screen printing and digital printing on garments. We print jerseys for sports teams, polo shirts for corporations, safety vests for construction companies and all sorts of jackets, pants, shirts and more. We have also seen an increase in requests for fancy invitations for bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries. We also handle the print material for the majority of the local restaurants and coffee shops. Just recently we’ve branched out into the print material for cannabis dispensaries. We’ve needed to educate ourselves on the laws and regulations for proper wording on marketing materials and labeling for the various products. This has opened up a new opportunity for us, and we are extremely excited. As the cost of printers has decreased and the capabilities of smaller machines has increased, more people are handling print requirements on their own. We have seen a gradual decline in our business over the past few years. However, the cannabis dispensaries opening up in our area has generated a new avenue of demand for us.

Gerber premium cast vinyl