Finding some relief with help from cleaning company

I run my own small business.

And let me tell you it is one thing after another.

It’s busy and I feel as though I am always playing catch up when it comes to all the details I have to manage. But, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Working for a company or someone else at all just never really worked for me. However, if you have a place of business, you need an office cleaning company. That is just a fact. Initially, it was me and the staff trying to do the janitor stuff. And that was just so dumb. However, I figured that I would be saving money by doing it ourselves. What I didn’t realize was the I had no time to be in business for myself and then a part time cleaning company as well. Plus, it was really demoralizing for my crew. That was what actually motivated me to get a commercial cleaning service. One of my best hires came to me to give me his two weeks notice. I was floored because I couldn’t understand. I had personally recruited this guy because he was so passionate about our industry. In fact, I outbid other companies for his services. So when I asked what went wrong, I couldn’t believe the answer. I lost this great talent over having him do after hours office cleaning. He told me straight out that it just wasn’t worth it. As much as he liked me and loved the business, he didn’t want to end his day doing the carpet cleaning.



Commercial cleaning company