Invitations for anniversary party

Last July, it was my mom and dad’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.

My sisters and I wanted to do something special for them.

We decided to throw a big party and invite all of their friends and our extended family. In order to have everything perfect, a lot of planning and organization went into the celebration. We needed to find a venue that could not only handle the number of guests but also provide enough space for dancing and a live band. We also were looking for a place where we could be both indoors and outdoors and decorate it. My one sister volunteered to handle all of the food and drinks. She was in charge of finding a caterer, selecting the menu and taking care of hors d’oeuvres and desserts. My other sister offered to handle the music, decorations and seating chart. When I said I would see to the invitations, I thought I’d gotten the easiest job. How hard could it be to have an invitation printed and mail it out? I didn’t realize that there are thousands of styles of invitations to choose from. I looked online, found a print company and started browsing their selection of invitations. I quickly noticed that the invitations were available in all different sizes, colors and even textures. Some of them are folded and others are a card. Some require a separate envelope. I also had to decide if I wanted an RSVP card printed up or just ask the guests to text me whether they were coming or not. I struggled with the wording, finally settled on a font and was just ready to finalize the order when I realized I’d forgotten to include the address of the venue.

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