It is so much easier for him

I don’t know if it is because I am a woman, have a slow metabolism or that I am already really physical, but losing weight is harder for me than my boyfriend.

I have to really make drastic changes if I want to see a difference in my body.

I need to do severe diet changes like no more sugar, cheese or pasta if I want my tummy to lose that extra two pounds around it. I know if I dedicate myself to doing push ups after every workout, I see a slight change in my arms. Running longer, swimming harder and adding biking to my workouts don’t seem to change me at all though. I basically look the same no matter what. I am a fit person, but not totally built like I should be for the work I do. I know if I wanted that next level I would need to consult a certified fitness expert. I would need to do either a group fitness class or private personal training if I wanted to have a celebrity body. My boyfriend frustrates me. He doesn’t work out, watch what he eats or worry about his physical appearance. If he is getting a little pudgy, all he needs to do is maybe jog for twenty minutes a day. Recently he has been doing more work around the house. He is bending, lifting and laying down tile a few days a week. He has already lost twelve pounds and looks fantastic. It is super annoying that he could get a six pack with a few crunches when I don’t think I could ever achieve that.
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