Nobody bothered to call for a repair service

My boss hired a new guy to work as my assistant manager.

I wanted to have a say in the process, but my boss was not interested in hearing any of my ideas.

He hired an assistant manager without asking for my opinion on the process. I hoped the assistant manager would work out, but it doesn’t look like this guy wants to work. Last Wednesday, I came to work in the afternoon to work the second shift. As soon as I walked into the building, I could tell there was a problem with the indoor air. It was very warm and uncomfortable. Went to the office to talk to the assistant manager. The guy told me that the air conditioner was having problems all morning. I wanted to know when the repair company would arrive to work on the air conditioner. The assistant manager never called anyone to fix the AC. I had to make the call and I couldn’t get someone to help until the next day. Last Friday, my assistant manager didn’t show up for work until 2 hours after the shift was supposed to begin. The guy barely made an excuse and he didn’t even try to lie. I don’t think this new guy is going to work out. He doesn’t seem to have a good work ethic and he doesn’t seem to care about the job. This is the exact reason why I wanted to have some input in the hiring process. It will not be long before we have to replace this guy with someone new.

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