Renting an artisan loft is great

When I moved to my Northland area, I was worried about where I was going to live.

I looked at rental homes but it was too expensive for me.

I didn’t like the looks of any of the apartments. I then found a website that does all sorts of rentals. They do office spaces, shop spaces, incubator offices and artisan lofts for rent in Northland. I immediately started googling what an artisan loft is. It is a really cool set up. You have a giant downstairs area that serves as an open floorplan with the living room and kitchen. There is a staircase that leads up to an exposed upper floor that is the bedroom and bathroom. An artisan loft is not all that big, but you have the essentials for a very low price. Renting an artisan loft turned out to be the cheapest option in the best area for me. Now that I live in an artisan loft, I can tell you I just love it. I put a hook right by my front door that I mount my bicycle on. I can just grab it off the hook and bike to work, the story or the bank in under ten minutes. I have enough space to host people and no one has to leave the downstairs area. I kind of like the exposed look too. I feel very edgy, modern and new age with it. I am thinking that when I buy a home someday, I will want an artisan style look. The giant staircase right in the middle of my living room looks really cool. I even hang laundry off it when I need a drying rack.


artisan loft for rent