The media air cleaner will keep us safe right now

The covid-19 infection rate in this county is extremely high.

My family and I are doing everything possible to stay safe.

Both of us never leave the condo unless it is an emergency or a necessary chore. Both of us use hand sanitizer all of the time and every one of us do not go to restaurants, bars, or other venues with lots of people. Both of us have been social distancing from our family and friends in order to stay safe. The numbers continue to climb and that has us all anxious. Last weekend, our partner and I went to the hardware store to buy an media air cleaner for our home. Both of us looked at many different models, before every one of us made our choice. My partner and I decided to buy an media air cleaner manufactured by a single of the best air filtration companies in the world. The media air cleaner is 3 ft tall and 18 in wide. It is definitely movable from a single venue to another, but our partner and I leave the media air cleaner in the living room where every one of us spend most of our time. The media air cleaner runs all afternoon and all night. Air purifier has a removable and washable air filter that needs to be cleaned every 4 or 5 afternoons. My family and I are taking our health and safety seriously. A lot of people in this town do not think that every one of us have a large cause for concern, despite the fact that I guess that is not the truth. The Covid virus might be here for a long time and every one of us have to be vigilant if every one of us want to stay safe.

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