We nearly voided our HVAC warranty last year

Last year, we nearly voided our HVAC warranty without meaning to.

Apparently, with some warranties, you have to have your HVAC system regularly maintained within a certain period of time.

You also have to use certain heating and cooling companies that are allowed by the warranty company. We knew that we needed to have some furnace maintenance done on our electric furnace, but we weren’t aware that we had to use a certain HVAC technician to do the work for us. I guess we thought that as long as we were using a certified HVAC technician to do the job, it didn’t really matter all that much. It turns out that we were wrong, though. Thank goodness we started reading the fine print on our furnace paperwork when we did, because we only had two days before the warranty expired on us when we noticed it. We had been having our furnace serviced by a little family owned HVAC company based here in town, but the furnace paperwork said that we needed to use this other furnace service company from a couple of towns over. I called them up immediately to make an appointment and they were able to squeeze us in literally the day that our furnace warranty would have expired. I guess my advice to everyone who buys an HVAC system with a great warranty is to make sure that you read the fine print on the warranty so that you don’t accidentally void it! I would have been so mad if we had ended up doing that, because one of the reasons we bought that furnace was for the warranty that it had.

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