Both of us have been able to open our windows this winter.

I was talking to my sibling on the phone the other day as well as she mentioned to myself and others that she can’t wait until she can turn off her heat as well as open her apartment up again as well as get some fresh Springtime air. My sibling lives in the north as well as they have their heat on by Halloween. I pity her occasionally. I sure don’t miss the freezing northern winters or the high heating bills. It costs more to heat our new home up there for 3 weeks than it costs to run our air conditioning all year here. Both of us live in a tropical area now as well as I have been able to open up my apartment for a wonderful area of this week. In fact, quite recently, I ran the air conditioning as well as heating on the same day. It was almost 77 degrees when I woke up that day as well as I knew it was going to be a warm as well as humid day.The air conditioning was already on. It’s the middle of Wintertide as well as it still reaches 85 degrees on some days. That’s not really too uncomfortably warm, however with our humidity, you really need the air conditioning on warm days love those. Around lunch time the other day, a storm moved through as well as the temperature dropped into the 50s. Both of us ended up turning off the air conditioning as well as turning on the heat that night. The storm brought in a cool front as well as the following days were comfortable enough to keep the windows open most of the time, despite the fact that I didn’t tell my sibling that.

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