Getting the humidity balanced thanks to HVAC cooling

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to get up to your elbows in bleach and water to clean the effects of mold growth. I have and it ain’t pretty. My uncle who had some emotional troubles once left his house for several months. When he left, he turned the HVAC off. My dad finally found him and got him under a doctor’s care. It was pretty intense for me as I was home from college and had never seen my dad that way. We had to go over to my uncle’s house and get things in order. Since the HVAC was off it was like a hundred degrees in the house. As soon as we opened the door we were nearly knocked over from the odor of mold & mildew. Dad stopped me short from going in. He knew the health hazards involved with that sort of mold outbreak. We actually had to go get respirators in order to get in that house and get after the mold. Eventually, we actually had to have a company come in to finally eradicate the mold. Where we live, the heat & humidity combine to make an environment that is so perfect for mold growth. Without any HVAC cooling, that environment will turn into a complete nightmare like the one we had at my uncle’s house. The HVAC actually balances the humidity level inside the house. Part of the process for the heat pump is removing warm air and exhausting it outside. As it does this, it’s also taking a big chunk of moisture out of the air and exhausting that as well.