Grandma’s complaints about temperature fluctuations at the senior care home

A quick visit to the office and I got an assurance that something would be done

Visiting grandma at the old home was always fun because she longed to see us every time we came. Sadly, her condition got worse with each visit because she forgot things slowly, and it was sad to know that she would one day forget who we were. But before it got to that, we were determined to ensure she enjoyed all the comfort we could afford to give her. Having lived for over eighty-seven years old, we were grateful that she was still alive. Sadly, she was sick and did not want to burden her family, so she refused to stay with us and ensured that we took her to the older people’s homes. Either way, we chose the best for her. Her first few months at home were great, at least by what she told us every time we visited. However, this time around, grandma seemed to sweat a lot and was generally uncomfortable. I thought maybe the medication she took was beginning to take a toll on her until I felt it too. The room was too hot for comfort. I had to call the attendant to turn up the air conditioner, but nothing changed. Something was faulty with the HVAC, and the cooling system was not working. A quick visit to the office and I got an assurance that something would be done. I demanded a desk fan in the meantime to help keep the temperatures in my grandma’s room well regulated. I believed that she would sleep better that night and be less grumpy when next I visited since the air conditioning unit will have been fixed.



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