Happy with a heat pump

Until I moved south, I’d never heard of an electric heat pump, but i spent the majority of my life in the far north where the people I was with and I dealt with more than several months of Winter time and un-even temperatures down to twenty-several below zero, an extremely powerful heating plan was necessary and a cooling plan was a luxury; Most people in the north heat their homes with gas gas furnaces or boilers.

As I’ve come to learn, a heat pump simply can’t handle such low un-even temperatures. Living now in a more moderate climate, a heat pump is the perfect year round solution, however the temperature rarely drops below forty degrees and never dips below cold. The heat pump runs on electricity and works by moving existing heat between the indoors and outdoors. In the winter, it pulls ambient heat out of the outside air and compresses it to a higher temperature to supply heating for the home. In the summer, the operation and flow of refrigerant is reversed. The heat pump acts almost exactly care about a conventional air conditioner, extracting heat out of the indoor air and transferring it outside. The process is wonderfully quiet, wipe and environmentally friendly. The heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create heat, so there is no fear or carbon monoxide or other combustion by products. It is truly energy efficient and keeps energy costs low. Plus, the heat pump is super effective at combating high humidity and actively works to filter allergens out of the air. Although a heat pump is a fairly sizable investment, it’s unquestionably worth it. The one plan handles both heating and cooling demands.

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