My HVAC System Was Old

I never understood the importance of HVAC servicing until I bought my own home.

When I was living under my parent’s roof, I never saw an HVAC professional come to service their HVAC system, and I carried that with me when I got my own house.

I bought my house without even questioning the state of the HVAC system, because I had no knowledge of general furnace and air conditioner maintenance. When I received my first utility bill though, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe how high my bill was, and there was no way I could continue paying something like this on top of my mortgage payment. I chalked the high bill up to leaving the doors open while moving into the house. However, when the same high bill came in the mail the second month, I knew something had to be done. For the first time ever, I contacted the local HVAC company and scheduled an HVAC professional to come service the HVAC system. Once he arrived, I told him that I’d just moved in two months prior, but my utility bills were too high. The news he gave me wasn’t what I was hoping for. First, he told me that my air filter needed to be replaced. Then, he told me that my HVAC system was over 10 years old, which meant it was more likely to run less efficiently, especially if things like my air filter were not kept up with. Thankfully, I had some time to consider purchasing a new HVAC system, and I was able to switch out my air filters every other month in order to cut down on my utility costs.



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