Radiant heated gas pedal

I have a question to all of the modern car designers out there.

Why are you slacking so much with changing the traditional automotive mobile that we have all been driving for the past 100 years? I feel like our modern vehicle honestly has not changed much since it was first invented.

We have stalled out on innovating one of the most important aspects of our lives – especially for people who have to commute to work everyday. We spend a lot of time inside of our vehicles, and yet they are not getting much more comfortable. I personally think that we could upgrade the indoor air temperature control systems in every modern vehicle. I’m not sure why we are still relying on forced air furnaces and air conditioning units in such a tiny space. You basically have a central heating, cooling, and ventilation control program in your car that utilizes the same centralized air duct work as a house would. This is a very inefficient way to change the indoor air temperature in any space. Personally, I believe that we should start moving towards radiant heating and cooling devices inside of our vehicles. I see no reason why we are still counting on antique air quality technology when we could easily have evenly heated floors, heated seats, and even a heated gas pedal. Who wants to be blasted in the face by uncomfortable air, when we could deliver temperature control right to the tips of our toes? We could easily upgrade every driving experience to a first class trip – we just need a little help with our crappy car air quality.

Ductless multi split