Dog is terrified of modern AC

When I got our dog I thought she was going to be seriously brave and tough, and she definitely had the body for it, little did I know, she would entirely be a big scaredy creature, but and her worst enemy would be… the air conditioner plan that all of us had installed last year at the end of the sweaty summer, then every time the heating, cooling, and air quality control plan comes on, you’d better believe that she is out of here, and the dog goes really mad, running around the house, barking her brains out, and hiding behind furniture as soon as the high quality indoor air starts flowing, and i truthfully don’t know what’s come over him, because our aged cooling plan was not such a terror to the terrier.

  • In fact, she used to snuggle up next to the air vents whenever all of us had the cooling plan operating a few years ago… Since getting a more powerful indoor air handling device, it seems appreciate our pooch has decided that he’s against heating, cooling, and air quality control solutions.

I can’t tell you how more than 2 times I”ve tried to show him that the cold air feels nice and rapidly reduces her temperature when he’s panting her head off, but the presence of the cold air streaming through our air vents only seems to make him pant more with stress. I’ve even gone so far as to ask our heating, cooling, and ventilation worker if she had any possibilities for silent cooling systems without any flowing air, then unfortunately, until all of us can afford a brand modern heat pump, I don’t believe we’ll be reducing our dog’s heating and cooling distress. At this point, I’m just interested in dosing him with anti-anxiety meds for the entire hot and humid summer.


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