I can’t get meal delivery to my home.

LIving out in the middle of nowhere gives me a lot of independence.

  • I wouldn’t need to put curtains up to my windows because there isn’t anyone nearby to peek inside.

I don’t need to worry if I want to sunbathe, since we don’t have any neighbors. There are no loud arguments, honking horns, or pollution. We also don’t have mail delivery out here. We have a PO Box number that means we can’t get any mail delivery services. We don’t have the internet, except on our phones. I guess this was a good thing because I can’t see the phone well enough to get on the internet. I know I would be shopping if I could. One of the things I would be shopping for is meal delivery to my home. With the pandemic, I don’t want to go into town and do shopping. I would love to have the ability to order food and have a food delivery service bring it directly to my home. I see all of these packaged meal delivery services. I would love to be able to buy three or four meals and all I would have to do is microwave them or put the ingredients together. Unfortunately, since I don’t have a physical address, they aren’t able to do meal delivery to my home. They don’t do delivery service to PO Box addresses. I think that meal delivery services and food delivery services need to change the way they can or cannot deliver. Either give me a physical address, or start delivering to PO boxes.

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