People are consistently shocked when they learn I work in a graveyard

People are often shocked when I tell them what I do for a living.

I am a groundskeeper at a local cemetery.

It’s approximately 40 acres of land that has to be kept up respectfully. The people I was with and I have to make sure the hedges are trimmed, the grass is mowed, and the site is kept up nice and tidy. I have to admit, it can be difficult especially in the peak heating and cooling seasons, but we are able to manage, then on top of keeping up with everything, I have to coordinate burial services, assign plots, facilitate tours, and dig graves. This is legitimately challenging work indeed, but it is fulfilling work. It has actually taught myself and others a lot about perspective. I have found that no matter what kind of stress I am under, the stress of having enjoyed 1s die is by far the worst thing! No matter how I am feeling, I can see these people are consistently grieving to greater extremes than whatever I happen to be dealing with. This has helped myself and others get by over the years as I realize that I have a pretty wonderful life for the most part. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and my family is doing alright. I have considered increasing to other tasks, but I actually love this type of work. If I did go for another job option though, I believe I would legitimately try to get into the Heating and A/C industry, then after the long afternoons of working in the sunlight and in the frosty weather, I believe I would appreciate to help work on temperature control systems.

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