Professionals have cleaning services

I am still learning a lot about what it is to be professional about what I do for a living.

I think a lot of that comes from the fact that what I do as a job is something I did as a hobby. Sure, I had a day job before. I went to work and acted accordingly. I was responsible and I even helped out with basic janitorial stuff like dumping the trash and that. But, I would describe that day job as anything other than a way to make money so I could pursue my passion. And that passion is coin collecting. It didn’t take too long before I met some other people who were also really passionate and we started doing some buying and selling at coin shows. Eventually, it got to the point that all of us decided to pool our resources and open up a coin shop. This was one of the best days of my life. The three of us figured we could look after the office cleaning and do the janitorial service stuff on our own. Well, we were wrong and didn’t even recognize the reflection it has on our business. Fortunately, there was a family member who was willing to be really honest with us about how unprofessional we looked. The coin shop just wasn’t clean. The floor maintenance wasn’t getting done and we were just plain no good at being our own cleaning lady. Flatly put, we looked like a bunch of amateurs. That did it and we hired a cleaning service. Now, our office cleaning is done my a commercial cleaning service and we look like a professional outfit.


Cleaning service