Recreating the store I went to as a child

My parents shopped in natural and organic food stores and markets for as long as I can remember.

Although we bought basic essentials such as water, laundry, and paper products at normal grocery stores, the vast majority of our food came from a variety of health food stores and local markets.

I enjoyed the produce and meat that came directly from farmers in our area. The health food stores always came with other advantages as well. They had all sorts of food items in bulk containers. You grabbed bags of varying sizes and used the scoops to place whatever quantity you wanted of each product inside. We bought candy, nuts, grains, spices, noodles, and anything else we could possibly purchase in bulk quantities. Although every food item had a different price per pound, it was always cheaper than buying things in prepackaged containers. When I finished business school years later, I rekindled my passion for the stores my parents took me in while I was a child. Since my community had few if any health food stores at all, I decided to open one myself. I focus mainly on bulk goods, offering other products like soap, cleaning agents, deodorant, and makeup in bulk along with traditional food items. When I started out, I didn’t have a special printer to create labels for my store. I had an old black andwhite copier in the back for creating coupon brochures, however I lacked a color label printer. I got by with a handheld label printer until I decided to replace. After a few hours in the office supply store, I walked out with a brand current Epson digital color label printer. Now I can create beautiful color labels in a matter of hours to use for all of the bulk bins inside my business.



Gerber premium cast vinyl