SEO is the future of advertising

If you have a business, or any skill you want to promote, you have to use every tool at your disposal.

The problem comes with trying to find out what tools are available, and then figuring out how to use them! Anyone can pick up a hammer and saw, but very few people can use them to build something.

I am a writer, and am trying to make people aware of my work, so that they will hopefully pay for my writing and I can become rich and famous. Much easier said than done, and when it comes to “brand awareness” social media and SEO are two tools I am trying to put to work for me. You probably have a social media account that you love, but still won’t get how important social media management is to a business. This isn’t just one platform, good social media management will use a dozen different high profile accounts, and tie them together to update uniformly. The organization it takes for good social media management is so important, otherwise you will literally spend 50 hours a week updating your various platforms. Of course, social media is just one fraction of what it takes for excellent SEO, or search engine optimization, but it’s an important fraction. SEO takes in every aspect of your website, from the verbiage of the content to the time it takes to load a page, and translates that into who ranks highest in Google searches .TV ads are the way of the past, SEO and Google rankings are the future of advertising.



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