Sugaring is an Ancient Practice

I was looking online about sugaring & waxing for my school class on old history.

It flabbergasted me when I came across information that pointed to the fact that Cleopatra was probably the first to use sugaring to remove body hair.

I thought this was something new that was brought about as a result of the vanity of men & ladies. You certainly could have knocked me over with a pea when I found out they practiced sugaring back during Egyptian times. Persian ladies were the first to show that a hairless body was the perfection of beauty & youth. They would make a sugaring paste or wax that they named ‘moum’. This was made of sugar, water, & lemon, & used for getting rid of hair. They applied the paste in the direction of hair growth, covered the paste with linen, & they removed the linen when the wax cooled. It was considered being the most effective & natural way to free oneself from body hair. It was only in modern times that the old Egyptian art of hair removal has been revived. Modern ladies are bringing back sugaring & waxing to remove hair from the body. It is the internet that spread the untruth about shaving, or waxing the legs was only being done in the last 1 millenium. This is only true for European & American ladies. The rest of the world has been getting rid of their body hair for centuries. Many cultures removed all hair but the eyebrows by using the process now known as sugaring.

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