Switching apartments

In the last six years, I’ve lived in five different apartments.

I’ve gotten very efficient at packing my things and handling the moving process.

I still don’t like moving. It’s a labor-intensive, time-consuming and an all around horrible ordeal. Because of the need to move heavy furniture such as the couch, kitchen table and television, I always need to ask for help from friends or family. I usually need to rent a uhaul. Moving so many times has taught me a few things. I have minimized my possessions. I no longer drag around clothing or shoes that I don’t wear. I have very little furniture, pots, pans and dishes. Prior to the move, I get rid of as much food as possible. While I was renting and switching apartments in the north, I figured out that allowing a lease to expire during the winter was a very bad idea. Twice, I moved into a new apartment during the month of January, in the middle of a snowstorm. Driving a uhaul through blizzard conditions was a challenge. Carrying boxes and furniture over icy sidewalks was difficult. Making a hundred trips from the vehicle and up the stairs to the new apartment while bundled up in heavy boots and coat was just awful. I finally managed to maneuver so that my lease was up in July. I then moved into an apartment down south and realized the heat and humidity were just as big of a challenge as the cold and snow. After living in so many different types of apartments and locations, I’ve finally bought a house. I am hoping to make this my last move.


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