Upgrading my website data security

When I first built this business, we didn’t have a website.

Back then no one had a website! We had a phone, a sign, and word of mouth.

So I do appreciate the way that the internet has allowed small businesses like mine to grow and reach new markets, it also brings me a host of new problems. I was barely able to build a website, even with my son helping me, it’s just too complicated! After it was up and running it had to be maintained and updated daily, and it also had to be fortified. Cybersecurity is very real, and very important, and how it works is like magic. My son is great, and very smart with website design and coding, but this cybersecurity stuff is over his head. He gave me the name of an old friend of his, who had started working as a cybersecurity consultant for a major company, and I called that young woman. She was great about talking me through some of the finer points of data security and risk management without letting it get too complicated. She understood that I was only going to be able to absorb so much information, so she broke cybersecurity down to its key components. I would do best to have a program installed to handle data encryption, so I could collect data and take applications through the website, and provide some level of data security for the customers. This is not exactly expert level data security, but it’s a step in the right direction, and buys me a little time.

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