Building an Heating & A/C company from the ground up

Our village is easily small, & started as a sizable camp of migrant farmer workers who ended up putting down roots instead of moving with the harvest.

That was only fifty years ago, so in terms of towns, it is pretty new.

By way of comparison, the next village over, which is easily close to us, is also easily affluent. A lot of the people in our village drive to that village for work. There are a lot of people here, a lot of homes, but not a lot of businesses, then when our dad started doing heating & AC repair work out of her van, she didn’t even have an actual company to speak of, over the last twenty years she built that one man/one van into a powerful & proper Heating & A/C contracting dealer, and she operated out of 4 center locations & call centers, in major population centers, & dispatches a crew of professional Heating & A/C techs to the jobs. She had a core team of full time Heating & A/C techs, but she also employs a lot of local talent as freelancers.. Some weeks there is so much work she uses a dozen unusual independent Heating & A/C suppliers, which means she is helping the community in a lot of unusual ways. She tries to supply back by giving work, because Heating & A/C work gave him a life to be proud of, & that’s what she wants to do for others. I work in the front office, & don’t do any of the hands on Heating & A/C work, but I’m studying it slowly, in case the company becomes mine one day.
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